Monday, August 31, 2009

Holy Changes!

So, just a quick little post today because a lot has been going on with very little time to spare :) Josh & I moved into our apartment in Orem last week! Okay, well actually just I live there and Josh sleeps at his friends house until the big day. Its been way fun though, having my own place. My brother is currently a little bit homeless, haha, so he is sleeping on the couch which keeps me company at night!
School started last Wednesday as well, its definitely keeping us busy between that and work! We are at the final stretch until our wedding and I can't wait until it gets here! This last Saturday I had my 4th bridal shower that my dads side of the family threw for me. It was great because it was a couples shower, so the boys got to join in with the festivities :) It was at my dads cousin Jill's house, and they just put a pool in their backyard so it was a pool party bridal shower-way fun! We got lots of great a microwave! (Thank you thank you mom and dad for that! It was VERY needed!)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Comic Relief

My wonderful friend introduced me to Far Side years back and I thought you all needed to have a good laugh.
And the best of all....


The next week or so have some big changes in store for Josh & I. We both have our last day at our current jobs today and luckily we've both got new jobs lined up in the Orem area and we will both be starting next week. We're really lucky to have both found a job considering the current economic situation! That is a definite stress reliever for me...

We both start school next week as well....we have mixed feelings on that. I, for one, actually enjoy school (most of the time). Josh....well lets say he would rather be doing other things than going to school, but you gotta do what you gotta do! This will be Josh's first semester at UVU-he loved going to Utah State but i'm sure he'll end up loving UVU just like me :) This is my last year going to school before FINALLY graduating with my bachelors, I can't wait! The other big change is that we're moving into our apartment! We found a cute little apartment in Orem that will be our first home as the Sharp family, crazy business! I will actually be living there for the next month until we get married....Josh, on the other hand, will be half-homeless sleeping on different friends couches. What a good man I have. My twin brother is going be staying at my apartment because he is half-homeless too, haha, I hope that couch does him well ;)

Lastly, we are about to enter the last 30 day count down until our wedding day! I can't believe it, but I can't wait! Hopefully a few years from now Josh won't be like the man in this comic:

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Week of the Bridal Showers

Yes, last week I had THREE of my four bridal showers. Thats a lot to cram into one week but boy was it fun! Afew of my wonderful friends threw me my first bridal shower, it was themed as a 'fiesta!' I got to see a bunch of my friends, which was awesome because I don't get to see them often enough. We played a bunch of games-my favorite being the game where they blind folded me and gave me a suitcase with items in it. They said this was my wedding night and the electricity went out so I had to prepare for my honeymoon night in the dark. You can see the lovely outfit I have on below....haha good times.We also had some yummy mexican food, and opened presents!

Then that weekend I had my next two showers. Friday night the Sharps threw me a shower that was at Tara's house (Josh's sister). I got to meet some of their extended family I haven't met yet. We played a game where I had to answer questions about Josh-for every question I got wrong I had to put a piece of gum in my mouth. I did pretty dang good, and once I was done we called Josh to come over so that he could answer questions about me. Needless to say, his wad of gum was MUCH bigger and I answered more questions right :)
Saturday my grandma's and Aunt Sheri threw me a shower for my side of the family at the Ogden Country Club. It was way fun, we had some lunch, played a game and opened presents. Again, I got a ton of great stuff. I honestly wouldn't be able to survive if it weren't for these showers :) Everyone was so nice to throw them for me!
Saturday was also my Grandma Petersens birthday so we hung out at her house for a while-the girls had a fashion show-as you can see by the awesome picture of my little sis, Bree. Then we went to Texas Roadhouse (one of my favs! ) for dinner....and my grandma got to sit on the horse saddle while everyone sang her happy birthday. It was an awesome weekend.....wish it lasted longer!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sharp Family Vacation 2009

I have officially experienced my first Sharp family vacation-and I had an awesome time! They always make me feel right at home and part of the family, I couldn't ask for more. This year the get-a-way was at Brian Head near Cedar City, and we stayed at a huge, beautiful cabin.

Josh & I had to leave a day early in order to get back to work, but we got a lot in while we were there. We went mountain biking a few times (i'm getting a little better at controlling the bike! haha), 4-wheeling, hiking, fishing, and much more. It was gorgeous up there-I got some great pictures but unfortunately nobody will get to see them! Here is why: On my last day there I was attempting to delete a few old pictures off my camera to free up some space, only I accidentally deleted ALL the pictures. I was so bummed! I have a few that i'll post of the last day...but thats the best I can do. Jacob & Brydi (Josh's brother & sister-in-law) were in charge of this vacation and did a great job. They organized a fun game called 'The Amazing Race' for the little kids, and then the adults did one the next day. The little kids were put into teams and each had to find a certain amount of items to put in a bag-the first ones done won! The adults we were put into teams of 4 and given 15 minutes at each station (there were 3 stations).

Station 1: We had to put a puzzle together, then once completed you had to put rope up and down each others clothes and then transfer M&M's from one bowl into another with a straw.
Station 2: 2 people on bikes went back and forth from filling up buckets of water at the bottom of the hill to giving them to the person at the top of the hill, filling up a bigger bucket.
Station 3: putting together a Lego contraption that had instructions to follow.

Unfortunately, my team got 3rd place (last)! I was disappointed...I thought we did good! Josh's team got first place....but I have bragging rights that my team beat his in the physical station. This game brought out my competitive side for sure. Then on Sunday after church we had a pool tournament and a horseshoe tournament. We were in teams with our significant other for the horseshoe tournament (Josh & I didn't make it past round one....dang it all). Then we were put into random pairings for the pool tourny, I was with his brother, Zac. Zac & I made it to the championship, But....we had to leave early to drive home so Zac had to recruit a new partner for that last game. As you can see, I had an absolute blast! I had a great time, and it was fun getting to play games and seeing everyone get competitive with one another :) I can't wait to see what next year has in store for us.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cows, Cowboys, and....boating.

This weekend was another adventure to add to the books-I'm starting to love that little town they call Orangeville. When I finally got down there on Friday night, Josh & I visited one of his friends at their family reunion to see him was cute, and brought back all the fond memories of our engagement :) After that we left and met his family up in the canyon and went camping overnight. It was my first time going camping in a trailer instead of a tent-and let me tell you something-thats the way to camp! I was the first one up in the morning, as usual, and to my suprise there was a small herd of cows in our campsight. I, as you know, am from the city-so I wasn't in my comfort zone to say the least. I finally had to wake Josh up so that he could chase them away....I thought they were going to charge at me! (in the picture below its hard to see them-cause it was on my phone-but you can see the one black cow in front).
After my encounter with the cows, we rode back to his house on the motorcycle-pretty, pretty ride-then we got ready to go boating. This was my second time boating this summer and my second time trying knee boarding-(Kari-Josh's sister-is a saint for teaching me!). It was way fun, but needless to say my kneck has been rather sore since then from my handful of times crashing. No pain no gain, right? That night I was delighted to get to go to a rodeo. It was great to see Emery County in its true colors-I had a great time, and my favorite was watching these people get dragged behind a horse. I'd definitely never seen that event before. But hey-you learn something new everyday.

That night we were off on another adventure called: spotlighting. Josh drove around Orangeville and I aimed this big spotlight into open fields hoping to see some deer. There weren't as many out that night, according to Josh, but we still found quite a few of them in the fields. The next day we went to church-and had a big family dinner to celebrate Josh's brother's birthday. It was a great weekend as always and a nice break from wedding planning! Speaking of which-the big day is next month! I can't believe it....we move down to Orem in a couple of weeks and after that time is sure gonna fly by! This weekend i'm off on my first 'Sharp Family Vacation'-then I have dubbed next week, 'The Week of The Wedding Showers' because I have 3 wedding showers! It's gonna be crazy amounts of fun, I can't wait!

Life is good, summer is good, and we couldn't be happier :)
{The life and love we create is the life and love we live}