Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

The kids must have been good this year because the Easter bunny showed up at our house!

The kids were pros by the time Easter rolled around because they had been to two different easter egg hunts here in the community. The night before Easter we dyed our eggs and the kids really got into the decorating.

Easter morning the kids found all the eggs in a flash. Beckett is a cute big brother, he made sure he helped Harlow get some eggs so that he didn't more than her. They loved their Easter baskets too; Beckett got a new scooter with his and Harlow got some new sunglasses, nail polish, and bracelets. She's all girl!

We went to church, for the very last time I our NSL ward! We are ready to move on but it's still sad to leave what we've known the last 3 years. Beckett & Elliott got a cute picture together to mark their last Sunday together :(

After church we headed to a family party. The kids had a blast because there were a lot of other cousins and kids there. They had a big Easter egg hunt. Beckett and Harlow both got 3 silver eggs that they cashed in for money (with the help of miss Gilly). We ate, visited, and had a great time!

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