Monday, January 31, 2011

The Joys of Pregnancy

Clearly, i've never been pregs before and I wanted to share with you all of the joys (or not so joyful things) i've experience, and begun to experience. I must say its been a ride, its something new almost everyday, most of them make me laugh. For all my buds that haven't been prego yet, here are some things you get to look forward to.....:)

-Losing about 75% of your wardrobe. Or wearing your normal clothes and having your shirts be too short in the front.....or doing the 'elastic band' trick with your jeans. Good times.

-Needing a nap every afternoon, whether you have time or not.

-Getting out of breath in walking up half a flight of stairs.

-Frequent....and I mean FREQUENT bathroom breaks. We're talking 10 minutes after I lie down to bed or not ever making it through a work out at the gym without a potty break. People say this comes and goes, or just happens in the 3rd trimester. Nope, I've enjoyed this the whole time!

-Enduring the stares of people for a few weeks or months, deciding if you look fat or pregnant. Luckily I just got out of this stage....and now look pregnant. Phew.

-Being a cry baby. We're talking i'm on the treadmill at the gym watching Oprah....and I tear up, counting to 10 multiple times so that I don't really start crying. This has happened more than once. I'd say its a 50/50 chance of me crying while watching Oprah these days.

-Not fitting through small spaces. Example: people were working on a big printer/scanner in a hall at work. They moved so I could get through, nope, still couldn't fit. They laughed and moved the printer for me. Haha, this is probably not only due to my belly, but also my Stapley bubble butt i've been so lucky to have. Now i've got bumps on both tight spaces for me. Thanks pops :)

-Cravings. Now I haven't really had the 'typical' pregnancy cravings. The only thing I crave sometimes are oranges. Other than that, I want the foods that i've always had cravings for because their 'off limits'....girls, you feel me here....fries, chips, fried foods in general, chocolate. The usual.

-And one of the best pregnancy experiences, feeling my baby move.....all the time. It's awesome.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

24 weeks :)

I am now 24 weeks. I'm also starting to feel really pregs....yet I still have quite a while to go! As you can see below I now definitely look pregnant, sporting my baby bump now. It's crazy being pregnant, sometimes I look down at that round tummy and can't believe it. I can feel my baby boy all the time now. He's is constantly grooving and moving around. I can't wait to meet him :)
We also have started getting our nursery set up. It's so fun and I love it! Here is a picture of it as of now, we just have the furniture though, so no pics are on the wall yet. I love my sleigh bed style crib :) I'm also hoping to move to a different place by the time the baby is born, just need a bit more space since we're adding another family member. Other than baby news, we're just doing the same old. Living and working, me trying to adjust to this pregnancy and preparing for our baby boy. Before I go I do want to recommend a movie. Many of you have probably seen it, but Josh & I went and saw 'True Grit' when it first came out. I loved it.....I think ya'll need to go see it. That's it....see ya next time ;)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 26th Birthday Josh :)

12/30/2010 was Josh's 26th Birthday. We woke up and he opened presents before we each headed off to work. We got to go down to Orangeville that night for a long weekend with his side of the family. We celebrated 5 birthdays (Josh, Cannon, Chewy, Liz, and Connor), had a big celebration, and also celebrated Christmas with all the siblings that weren't in Orangeville on Christmas. It was a lot of fun and good to see everyone. Our nephew, Cannon got baptized on Saturday which was awesome; and our other neice, Kaylie, is getting baptized next Saturday. There is always something going with the big Sharp family.

Oh and I almost forgot! While we were in Orangeville I had my first hunting experience! Hard to believe I know. I tagged along with Josh & his brother on the last day of the Elk hunt. Unfortunately, we didn't get much of anywhere in the mountains because it was after the snowstorm and the truck couldn't make it too far. But regardless, at least I can now say i've been hunting.

Christmas 2010

Christmas is the best time of year....I think most of us agree. We had our annual Chistmas Eve party with the Stapley's. We opened presents at our place Christmas morning....then went and did Christmas at my parents house & had the big Christmas dinner at gma & gpa Pete's. So fun. Christmas is the best. Christmas we'll be a family of 3 :)
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