Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beckett's 1st E.R. visit :(

My poor baby boy had to go to the emergency room earlier this week. I never want to have to go to the emergency room again. On Sunday Beckett's eye started getting swollen and goopy so we took him into the doctor on Monday, just an eye infection, got some medicine, good to go....or so we thought.

That night we put Beckett to bed, an hour later he woke up screaming, his eyes are almost swollen shut and he had a temperature of 102.5 (even with Tylenol in his system). We took him down the road to the emergency room to make sure it wasn't serious. He went through a couple tests there (lasting four hours-we were there until 2 am). They put tubes up his nose to suction his mucous & take samples. He then had to get a chest x-ray to make sure his lungs were clear. The x-ray was awful, he is so small that they put him in this torture contraption with his arms straight above his head and plastic holding him in place. It was so sad, traumatizing for me. His lungs looked clear, luckily, so they diagnosed him with Bronchiolitis.

The next day we went to his regular pediatrician, Dr. Boettger. He gave him another breathing treatment (with an oxygen mask) that we brought home and are doing here as well. His tests were negitive for RSV (luckily!) but he has another respiratory viral infection. He is getting better, he is strong, but still having trouble breathing and a really bad cough. I hope we don't have to deal with anything like this again. The only problem now is that I got sick Josh is taking care of 2 sick babies :(

Above is a happier picture of B this past weekend, he is getting big and SO close to walking. Leaving on a happier note....his 1st birthday is in just over a week. Woo hoo!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Celebrating Easter was much more fun with a little kid. Beckett got an easter basket for the first time, which he enjoyed (you can tell by the picture, haha). Beckett experienced his first easter egg hunt at my parents house (with help from Bree). We topped off the day with our tradition of going to my grandpa's brother Curt's house for dinner & an easter egg hunt. It's a legit easter egg hunt out there because he has a farm and they are hidden everywhere. It was fun and I can't wait until next year when Beckett can understand more of what is going on. B is the cutest, isn't he?

Race with Passion 5k

Man, oh, man. We braved the weather this morning and ran our first 5k of the season at This Is The Place Park. The course was super rough-about half of the race was straight uphill. It was even more rough for Josh who was pushing Beckett in the jogger. It was rainy and about 39 degrees outside. We were all bundled up, put a rain cover over the jogger for B. Beckett did pretty good, Josh did have to get Beckett out of the jogger for about 5 minutes of the race to warm his hands up. Even with that & it being an uphill race we still crossed the finish line in about 33:30 minutes AND Josh won 1st place in the baby jogger division (isn't it great to be parents?) It was fun, they had great prizes (Josh won $50 certificate to Babinski's). I think we'll do it again next year!

Friday, April 6, 2012

11 Months

B at 11 months...
-standing on his own (hooray!)
-has started sleeping consistently through the night by himself (10-11 hrs)
-is learning and picking things up so fast
-loves 'big people food' and is starting to dislike baby food
-loves drinking apple juice from his sippy
-playes peek-a-boo
-climbs like a crazy man
-laughs and makes funny faces
-says 'dada' & 'mama'
-loves to play with his tongue and spit

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break 2012: St. George, UT

We got to enjoy a bit of a break from this hectic life in St. George last weekend. My parents were nice enough to plan the trip, it was wonderful. We enjoyed some great weather Friday & Saturday and filled the day with as many outdoor activities as possible. Sunday & Monday weren't as nice outside but we still had a great time. Beckett unfortunately got sick on the trip, that was a bummer. We took him to the Instacare Saturday-found out he had Croup. They gave him some medicine and he is getting back to normal now. Now the only problem that I already want to go on another vacation.

Hiked at Snow Canyon National park

Hung out by the pool.

Bike riding.

We did lots of hanging out.

We ate breakfast at our favorite joint, The Bear Paw. Beckett also spilled an entire cup of ice water on my dad, haha.

We ate a delicious lunch at The Painted Pony

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