Monday, December 31, 2012

Sharp Family Christmas & Josh's 28th

We stay busy around here during the holidays. We headed down to Orangeville a few days after Christmas to celebrate with the Sharp side. That way we are able to see the entire family. I will always remember this Christmas vacation as the Christmas with the handsoap (inside, embarassing story). When we got down there we opened our presents, got spoiled yet again! We spent a lot of time talking, catching up, and relaxing.

We took Beckett and some of the other little kids sledding. It was Beckett's first time. At first he went down with Josh and didn't like it at all, didn't want the snow to touch him. However, after about 5 runs or so he started to REALLY like it, laughing the whole way down. By the end he went down by himself! I couldn't believe it. It was a fairly small hill so I wasn't worried about that part, but Beckett totally loved it and was upset when we had to leave.

One afternoon we travelled to Cleavland, where Josh's brother Jacob lives and hung out there for a while. They had a sled tied to the back of a 4-wheeler and the kids were taking turns getting a ride. Beckett went on for a few loops but I don't think it was his favorite activity.

Lastly, we celebrated Josh's 28th birthday! There are a lot of people on his side that have a birthday in December so we celebrated them all with a HUGE dinner, presents, and cinnamon rolls.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

*Disclaimer: Get ready for a picture overload!*
Christmas Eve:
Wow! Our family got Spooooiled this year. Actually, we get spoiled every year, we're very blessed. I couldn't wait for Christmas this year because Beckett is at a super cute age and I knew he'd be a lot more excited about everything than he was last year. We went to my parents house in Centerville on Christmas eve for our Stapley Dinner. We ate, played some games, and had fun :) We got Beckett home so he could get a good nights sleep and be ready for the Christmas day festivities.

Christmas Day:
Christmas morning was so fun. Beckett came into the living room and just stared for a minute at all the new big toys that had appeared. It didn't take him long to jump in, he has been having a ball every since with all his new 'big kid' toys. After opening presents here we got ready and headed back to Centerville to be with my side of the family. We had a big breakfast and opened presents there. Beckett's favorite present there was BY FAR his rocking horse. He hasn't stopped playing with it since, literally. That night we headed to my grandma/grandpa Peteresen's house for the tradional Christmas dinner. It was delish, as always. Then we opened MORE presents and got even more spoiled. It's safe to say that by the end of the day Beckett was exhausted! Our Christmas was definitely a success!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Festivities Continued

Yay, we finally got snow again! I hope this weather keeps up until Christmas. Beckett has been loving the snow and has had many opportunities to help his dad shovel. We tried out his new sled, he didn't like it so much. Maybe next year.

Josh and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the MoTab Christmas Concert last Sunday. Oh my, it was SO good! The music was amazing of course, but the stories they told were done perfectly. I loved it. I hope we can snag some tickets again next year.

We have a few Christmas traditions in my family growing up that i've tried to continue on to my little family. One of them is to bake and decorate christmas sugar cookies. Lately Beckett has been insisting to help me cook, I must admit, he is a pretty good helper. Beckett did help me cut out the cookies, but it didn't last long before he just grabbed a handful of dough.

He also helped us decorate, sort of. All he wanted to do was eat the sprinkles and chocolate chips. Ha, I love him.

Friday, December 14, 2012

December Happenings

Looking outside you wouldn't know it's December. I have been hoping for more snow, hopefully we'll get some tomorrow! We have had some good days and bad days here at the Sharp house. I have been noticing that a lot of people have caught the Flu and was hoping my family would dodge it since we all got our flu shots. However, Beckett ended up catching the Stomach Flu earlier this week at daycare. He has been really lathargic, no appetite, and throwing up for a few days now. I think he is on the mend, or at least I hope. Josh and I have yet to catch it, cross your fingers. One thing I did finally get Beckett to eat were some cheetos, in the picture below he is trying to show me his orange fingers.

Beckett is talking so much lately, and understanding directions like a champ. I can't believe how fast kids grow up. Some of my favorite B moments lately are:
  • asking him what santa says, his response "ho, ho, ho"
  • His inpersonation of a penguin, waddling back and forth.
  • "okaaaay", he just says it so cute.
  • helping me cook dinner, pouring ingredients into the bowl.
  • lastly, being Dennis the Menace. He gets into EVERYTHING he isn't supposed to and runs around like the energizer bunny. Boys will be boys.
Also, last weekend we got to have a little double date with the Greenhalghs. We went and checked out the new outlets at Traverse Mountain and got some dinner at Johnny Rockets. Josh gave in and got B a chocolate covered marshmallow, think he was excited?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas in the City

Like most people we have been busy with Christmas festivities lately. This last weekend we got together with most of the Sharp family, went to dinner and saw the lights at Temple Square. It wasn't as cold as it usually is but it was rainy. You never know what weather you'll get these days.

Such a cute picture. I can't believe we got both Bridger & Beckett to sit still and smile at the same time.
We also did some Christmas shopping and got a reservation for Beckett to get a picture with Santa. I was getting Beckett ready all day, telling him he would get to see Santa. When it was finally his turn to meet him and get a picture he scram BLOODY murder. Inconsolable screaming. Needless to say, we didn't get a picture.

Dad, Beckett, and Romeo.
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