Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sharp Family Reunion 2013

We headed up to Heber for the Sharp family reunion. We stayed at a great cabin with lots of space. Lots of space is necessary for the Sharp family. 21 grandkids and counting. The one in my belly will be #22. We had a good time while we were in Heber. We relaxed, went hiking, swimming, shopped at the Park City outlets, and fished. Per tradition we held the Sharp family games one night. Part of the competition was who could pop three balloons with a BB gun from about 35 yards away in 30 seconds, shooting 3 baskets in 30 seconds from different lengths away, throwing knives into a target, etc. Guess what?! I got the most points out of the females! Woop woop, let's hear it for this city girl.

Overall it was a great time and Beckett had a blast playing with all the kids. Good thing he'll have another little brother or sister running around here soon.

P.S. We forgot to bring our camera, so we only have a few good pictures from our phones. Boo.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Petersen Family Vacation: Midway

We just got back from our yearly Petersen family vacation. This year we spent it at Zermatt in Midway. We had a good, relaxing weekend with the family. My aunt Shelly and her kids, Parker & Kylee were in town; it's always good to spend some time with them too. We only get to see them a few times a year.

We got up there for dinner Friday night and hung around. The next day we went golfing at Soldier Hollow. I did horribly, as expected.

That night we ran into our old neighbors from Sandy (producer and cellist from the Piano Guys). Coincidentally, they were doing a concert at Zermatt that night and got us some tickets. The concert was great!

We packed up and left this morning. Before we headed out we rode the carousel and got some delicious gelato. Cheers til' next year!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Playroom

We got the playroom done! Yahoo! I have had plans for that room since we moved in and I'm glad it is finally finished. I must say, I was completely sick of painting after we had to paint the entire upstairs of our house. I wasn't too excited to paint the playroom but getting it done and finished was worth it. The playroom had LOTS of potential. The little playhouse was already built into the wall when we moved in, it just needed a new paint job. I repainted the whole room, the playhouse, and then wanted to get a tree painted on one of the walls. I had my lovely friends, Katie & Lauren help me get the trunk of the tree on the wall and then I painted it. I made a stencil of the leaves out of cardboard, stenciled them on and painted away. I like how it turned out.....good thing because I wasn't about to redo it!


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Stapley Family Vacation 2013: Newport Coast, California

We had the amazing opportunity to go to Newport Coast, California with my side of the family for a fabulous vacation. One of my favorite things in the world is vacationing. We flew there....what a life saver! I couldn't imagine driving that far with Beckett at this age. It was hard enough on the 1.5 hour flight! Once we arrived in Cali we got loaded up in our rental car and headed to our home away from home. In my opinion, vacations are told best in pictures. Here is a recap.

Laguna Beach:

San Diego Zoo Safari Park:

Went on a walk to Crystal Cove State Park:

Crystal Cove Beach:

Newport Beach (took family pictures, walked on the boardwalk):

Extras (hanging at the hotel, shopping, and eating):

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