Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Ahhh....doesn't everybody love a 3-day weekend? I know we do. I have been absolutely dragging these past few weeks at school, I needed the long break. Only 5 more days left of school until summer break, but who's counting? ;)

We had a lot of family fun time last weekend. We spent some time at home, hanging out in the backyard. We had a few BBQ's (of course) and roasted marshmallows over the BBQ.
 We had a family dinner at my grandma Petersen's house. Afterwards we visited the cemetery.

 Monday we decided to go to Wheeler Farm. Beckett's favorite thing in the world is looking at animals. He loved seeing them, feeding them, and chasing them around.

 And yet another BBQ in the backyard. We are getting good use out of our deck. I love it.

 And finally....we found heaven on earth. We found an AMAZING and I mean AMAZING snow cone shop on highway 89 in NSL. It is just like the snow cones in Hawaii, light and fluffy with sweetened condensed milk. We ate those buggers up like there was no tomorrow.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Family Pictorials

We had our family pictures done by the amazing Simply Suzy Photography. Suzy is another dental school wife like myself. I am so glad we found her to do our pictures, she did an amazing job with our crazy family. We took them at the International Peace Gardens....really pretty place. Beckett was crazy the entire time, and I mean cray cray. He wouldn't stop running and wouldn't sit still. On top of all of that we got some great shots of our little family. Thanks Suzy!

Monday, May 13, 2013


Seriously, who doesn't love spring? I know I sure do. The sunshine, the flowers, the smells, mmmmm.
We celebrated Mother's Day yesterday with our traditional Mother's Day brunch at the Ogden Country Club. I love being Beckett's mom, he is the best.

Also, I wanted to share our flourishing garden. I think i'm starting to get obsessed. I love seeing results from our hard work.

 Lastly, it was my grandma Stape's birthday last Friday and we celebrated at the Mandarin. Yum.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beckett's 2nd Birthday Party

We threw Beckett another big birthday bash this year. It was Nemo themed and we held it in our newly cleaned up, re-done backyard. I had a thought of fun setting it up which included spending time on Pinterest, crafting, and baking. I must admit, I did have an epic Pinterest fail, but that comes with the territory. All that matters is that everyone had a good time, especially Beckett. Yesterday, which was his ACTUAL birthday was spent hanging around and being a kid. Josh took the day off and they went to the pet store, to the park and met me for lunch at work. That night we went out to dinner with my parents & Bree. Needless to say, this boy is spoiled and loved.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Beckett: 2 Years Old

I know that every parent says this, but it is SO true. I can't believe how FAST Beckett is growing up. Every day he says something or does something that astounds me. He truly is just growing up too fast. Here are some things to remember about  Beckett at 2 years old.

His favorite movie is Rio (2nd favorite is Finding Nemo).
He loves playing with balls, learning how to play catch.
His favorite drink is apple juice.
He loves to chew gum.
He likes to sneak into our room, steal a few coins, and 'feed' piggy (piggy bank).
His favorite past time is jumping off things.
He can spend 2 hours, literally, on our swing.
His favorite snacks are string cheese, gogurt, apples, berries, and fruit snacks.
His favorite book is Pingo (following closely by Dr. Seuss books).
When he is mad he still says, dammit. We ignore it....but it's not working.
He has all of his teeth but 4.
He never stops moving, he is always running around like crazy.
It is difficult to take him to the store, he doesn't mind very well :)
He is good at bonkin' his head (currently has a big bruise on his face he got at grandma & grandpa Stapley's.
We think it's super cute when he says "Ohmygoodness".
He is very animated with his face.
He is ALL boy. 100%.

Height: 36" (85%)
Weight: 30 lbs (75%)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

This Old House

We knew we had a lot of fixing up to do when we bought this house, and that is exactly what we've been up to. We haven't had much of a break since we moved in.....i'm hoping we get a break soon! We are finished with the entire upper floor of our home. We have now started on the outside. We have repainted our front door & shutter, sanded & stained our deck (Josh is a trooper, it seemed like he was sanding forever), and planted our garden. Almost eveything we've planted so far has started sprouting. I can't wait to be able to harvest it:)  It's amazing what a little sanding and painting will do....




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