Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Harlow: 7 Month Update

Goodness gracious. This girl. We love her so much, she has brought our family so much happiness! This little girl lights up the room every time she is around. Her smile is infectious.

This month she has been:
  • Sitting up! That is the big milestone this last month. It took her until she was just over 6 months to really start mastering it.
  • Harlow is starting to pull herself up to standing. She has done it once, but tries all the time so you have to be really observant when you're watching her.
  • Is a picky eater. I keep trying to pretend that she's not.....but she is. This girl doesn't really like a whole lot of anything. She'll drink her formula when she's really hungry, but she isn't into baby food. We try REALLY hard to get her to eat baby food and snacks, but she isn't all the into it yet.
  • She is at the beginning stages of a crawl. When sitting, she'll turn over on her hands and knees and bounce back and forth. She is getting so old! I want her to stay little :(
  • Loves, loves people. This has been a repeating statement throughout all of these updates. She loves being talked to, played with, and held.
  • Harlow is mesmerized by her big brother. No one can make her laugh quite like Beckett can. She thinks he is the bees knees.

We love you baby girl!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Family Pictures: Deer Valley

Here are some of the pictures we had taken at Deer Valley with my mom's side of the family.
Photo Cred: Simply Suzy Photography

Harlow's 6 Month Pictures

We got Harlow's 6 Month pictures taken last week (I wanted to make sure she was able to sit up). She is definitely sitting up like a champ now. She is starting to get so mobile, it's scary! I want her to stay little. The other day she pulled herself up to standing for the first time, and lately she has been going from sitting to all 4's in the crawling position. Noooo!!

Here are my cuties pictures. She only slightly resembles her dad ;)


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Deer Valley

Every year we go on a little vacation with my mom's side of the family. This year we stayed at the Silver Baron Lodge in Deer Valley. It was fab!

The first night we got there, got settled in for a minute, then went to a concert at Deer Valley. It was the Utah Symphony playing Disney songs. They had two huge screens playing clips of Disney movies during the songs, which Beckett loved. It's such a fun atmosphere up there, I'm glad we got to go!


Saturday morning we lounged around, exercised, and went to the pool at the lodge. The pool was great! They had a fun little slide that the kids went down a bunch. Beckett is so brave in the water, it kinda freaks us out a little bit.

That afternoon we went paddle boarding. They have a little pond right out in front of the resort, which is where they had the paddle boarding set up. Almost everyone tried it out. Beckett rode on the front of our paddle boards, he loved it. I thought he'd be a little apprehensive about it, but he wasn't at all.

While we were there we had some prank wars going on. Last week, while my aunt Shelly was in town we went swimming together. I put Harlow down for a nap and decided to get in the pool. As I did, ALL of my cousins (and Bree & Beckett) got together and smothered me with water, without letting up, for about 20 minutes. I tried to defend myself but 6 against 1 wasn't exactly a fair game.

SO....I told them all to watch out on this family vacation, because revenge was in the works :) I managed to get them all back, except for Gillian (but don't worry Gilly, it's coming). I woke up Avery & Parker with some nice ICE water on the face. I replaced the Oreo filling with toothpaste and got Bree (and almost Kylee). It was a good time.

That night we got family pictures done. We have had our share of family pictures this month! These were necessary though; my grandma has a big family portrait in her house right now that was back from when I was in high school. Everyone has changed a ton, there have been marriages, and children it'll be nice to see an updated photo :)

Sunday, our last day, we packed up and went to the Park City Arts Festival. The kids were troopers and that's all we can ask for!


Thanks grandma and grandpa for the fun vaca!
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