Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September Latelies

Oh, I love fall. I can't say i'm excited for winter but the cooler weather is a welcome change. This is definitely Josh's favorite time of season. Needless to say we have been watching a whole lot of football!! We have also....
Gone to Oktoberfest in Sandy
I made homemade fruit leather (simple & easy recipe). It's delish.
 Celebrated our 3rd anniversary
 and the best of all....played and watched my beautiful little boy grow. He is such a cute little man, I love him so much :) He is a total boy and attention seeker. He loves animals and can identify his animal sounds now. He loves his baths....and climbing on the kitchen table. He is getting super smart and follows simple directions. Oooh I love him!

 B playin' at Grandma/Gpa Stape's

3 Year Anniversary

Josh & I celebrated our 3 year anniversary yesterday, it was a low-key but a fun day. Our anniversary landed on a Tuesday night in the middle of the work week so we got a sitter for B and went out to dinner to The Cheesecake Factory downtown. We also walked around Temple Square and took our traditional anniversary pic. I got spoiled by Josh....he got me a nice, new camera :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Half Marathon

This weekend Josh competed in his first half marathon. It was in Spanish Fork so we had to get up at the crack of dawn & leave (5:30am). Beckett was such a trooper, he didn't whine or cry at all. He didn't even fall back asleep in the car. Josh ended up doing FANTASTIC! He didn't even get to train that much but he got a great time, 1 hr 45 min. He got 2nd place in his age division...woop woop! His parents were able to come and watch him run across the finish line, it all turned out great.

 My little sister, Bree, stayed this weekend too while my parents were enjoying the sunny beaches of Florida. We had some fun, painted nails, shopped, and she did a whole lot of playing with Beckett & Romeo.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Fun

Oh, how wonderful it is to get a day off of work to play! You bet that we used that day to it's fullest. We got up and went right over to the Tracy Aviary. Beckett loved looking at all the birds, he loves animals! After our fun there we grabbed lunch and went back to the park. After we were eating Beckett started running around the grass and playing like a boy should when all of a sudden he let out a blood curdling scream. I ran over and he had a hornet stuck in his little finger. I had to pull the stinger out of his finger, it was so sad. Beckett cried in pain and kept grabbing his swollen finger for a couple of hours after that. Luckily, he fell asleep and when he woke up he had forgotten about it. That night we had a neighborhood BBQ....they went all out. They had a helicopter land in the field and a couple demonstrations from the police dogs-fun for B to see. He is growing up so fast I can't believe it! He gets smarter everyday and continually amazes us at how much of a little boy he is now. Love that little guy.

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