Saturday, October 25, 2014

Harlow: 9 Month Update

Oh, Harlow girl. She is the bees knees. A lot has happened this past month:
  • She is crawling! She finally figured out crawling about 2 weeks ago. Now she is a speedy little thing.
  • She pulls herself up to stand. She can now pull herself up to stand just about anywhere, anytime. Now that she can get around....she wants to see and touch everything!
  • Laughs and loves to play. Now that she can move around she has been exploring every inch of our house. Her favorite play toy is still Beckett. She just giggles and giggles at that boy.
  • She is a PICKY, PICKY eater. She was starting to eat baby food a little better, but is back to resisting it. We're lucky if we can get a 1 full serving of baby food in her a day. Makes me nervous for toddler years!
  • Has 2 teeth. Her front two bottom teeth came in at the same time.
  • Harlow is starting to have a hard time with going to other people besides Josh & I. Morning drop offs at school have been heart breaking :(
  • Likes books.....and chewing on them.

Black Island Farms

How had we never heard of Black Island Farms before this year? It might be considered a small tragedy. We had a blast this year, our first experience at the farms. I wanted to do something festive for the holidays and this was the perfect place. The kids had a b-l-a-s-t. They had a lot of different things for little kids to do. Beckett and Harlow went down the slides and played in the corn sandbox. We also went on a hayride and picked pumpkins. This will be a new yearly tradition!

Fall Break

Whew....this school year is fa-lying by! We really enjoyed our Fall Break and did lots of fun things.

The kids had never been to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden, so we took a trip up there. We went with my grandparents, mom, and sister. We had lunch and had a blast watching Beckett at the Dinosaur Park. At first Beckett wasn't sure about those huge dinosaurs. I think he was trying to figure out if they were real or not and if he should run away. After realizing that they were pretend he was in love. I'm glad we got to take him, it was perfect timing because he is dressing up as a dinosaur for Halloween this week.

That night we headed down to Orangeville to deer hunt for the weekend. I am not a hunter, but Josh sure loves it. He took me up hunting early Saturday morning, which was my first real time. We had a good hike, saw some deer, but no good bucks to shoot at (thankfully!). We got to see a lot of his family for lunch and hung out around the campfire. Beckett loves seeing all of his cousins, who wouldn't?!

Fall break came and went, too quickly. However, that's usually the way life goes.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

5 Year Anniversary

We made it to our 5th anniversary! I can't believe how many things we've done these past 5 years. They've sure flown by. Obviously, our biggest accomplishment are our two perfect babies.

Since it was our 5th anniversary we decided to take a little trip to Vegas to celebrate. On our ACTUAL anniversary we kept it low key. We went to dinner, grabbed a treat at Waffle Love and then took our annual picture in front of the temple. I love these yearly pictures. I can't wait to see what our family will look like in 10, 20, 30+ years.

We flew to Vegas on Saturday morning (as it was pouring rain in Utah). We arrived in sunny Las Vegas, dropped our bags off and hit the ground running. We spent all of the afternoon on the strip shopping. That night we geared up for our fancy dinner. Josh set up a dinner at a restaurant called, Alize. It's located on the very top floor of the Palms hotel, overlooking the city. It was definitely the most memorable dinner we've ever had. It was so fancy that we felt out of place and just giggled the whole time. The food was didn't disappoint.

The next few days we did....well whatever we wanted to! It's our first time without the kids for this long and it was kind of bizarre to be on our own time table instead of theirs. But don't get me wrong, we missed them like crazy.
We layed out by the pool, shopped, ate, visited all the fun tourist locations and just had a blast. I already miss it a little, but I'm happy to be back with all of my babes :)

 M&M Store
 Coca-Cola Store, taste testing cola's from around the globe. Italy's......yuck!!

 Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum

 Flour & Barley Restaurant-delish!
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