Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We're Moving!!

Big, big changes for our family. We are so excited about it. We officially signed and closed on our first home yesterday :) It has been a long ride, but glad we're here.
We've been talking about buying a house for a long time now and started looking this past fall. We looked at a lot of options online and in person but none of them were right. We then found an older home in North Salt Lake that had a lot of potential. We put an offer in on the house in mid December, we got the call just after Christmas that our offer was accepted! Then the fun began.
There is so much paperwork and little things that had to be done before we could close. It seemed like an endless process for a while. It was one thing after another-kind of made me feel like I was getting investigated for a crime! We got inspections on the house done, paperwork in, weighed our pros and cons and decided to move forward with it. We finally closed and got our keys yesterday.
The home is older, so there is A LOT of work that we need to do on the house. We are focusing on getting the upstairs complete before we move in: painting, tiling, replacing counters, re-doing cupboards, etc. It's a lot of work! Let's pray we get it done in time.
We're all so excited it's finally working out. The house is going to look great after we fix it up and it will be a great place for our family to grow. It's got a large back yard that B can run around in and in a quiet area. Once we're settled in, i'll have to invite you all over to party! ;)

Stay posted for some before & after pics!

Monday, February 25, 2013


I still can't seem to get enough of my cute little Beckett. Believe it or not, he is going to be 2 years old in just over two months! I have snapped a handful of pictures lately that sum up his life as of late.
 Playing with grandpa. He loves the attention he gets :)
 Jumping on the bed, rough housing, 'wraaastling' with dad.
 Helping mom & dad 'clean'. Notice his Elmo slippers....sometimes he refuses to take them off! He is OBSESSED with Elmo & Nemo.

Coloring! He finally found a love for coloring and has a grand ol' time. His favorite is stickers, but he's okay with markers as long as you let him color on the furniture a bit ;)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stape Family Ski Day 2013

Last Saturday we headed up to Snow Basin for our annual ski day with the entire Stapley family. My uncle, Derrick & his family drove in from Arizona so everyone was there (almost). Bree has a bad knee right know that is going to require surgery, so she wasn't able to come. Her, my mom, and Beckett hung out at home and met up with us afterwards. It was a lot of fun, not too cold and the sun was shining. All the kids are becoming great skiiers! We all had a lot of fun, mostly making fun of each other, like we do. You couldn't miss my dad is his BRIGHT orange and blue outfit (which is only one of many). And then there is Dax, he proclaimed himself a 'man dime' on the gondola and is never going to live it down.

 After skiing our little hearts out we went to dinner at Tony's pizza in Ogden. All 17 of us. Beckett got to meet his Arizona cousins (technically 2nd cousins), for the first time. He totally loved them, he kept backing into Brock so that Brock would put him on his lap (pictured below). And as we left he gave Rylee a nice little smooch on the lips :)

Friday, February 15, 2013


I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day, I know that we sure did! I've said this before, but holidays are a lot more fun when you have a kid. We gave Beckett his Vday presents in the morning, before we all went our separate ways. He got some candy (his favorite, of course), an Elmo DVD, Happy Feet, and a robe. I got the robe a few weeks ago and so i've been letting him wear it. He loves that thing! Sometimes he won't let us take it off.

Valentine's night we went out for a nice dinner at Ruby River. We indulged in some steak and other 'unhealthy' food, but it was worth it :) Cheers to a lovely day with my family, love them.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I try not to only look forward to weekends, but sometimes you just need a good weekend to relax and do something you really enjoy. This past weekend I had the opportunity to help a belated baby shower for my friend Lauren. We had tried to throw it in September but she ended up going into early labor and was in the hospital. Her babies were born healthy and we were then able to throw her that shower. Everything turned out great and it is always good to see old friends and talk about the 'good ol' days'. My bad photos don't give the decor enough credit. Katie, the fabo graphic designer did all of the banners and labels, so cute!

The rest of the weekend was filled with errands. V-day is coming up next week so Beckett and I sat down and got all of his Valentines together. He did a smashing job. This blue-eyed boy is going to be a stud muffin. Hope you all survived this snow storm and have a good Valentines Day!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Another super bowl Sunday is a wrap! This year I actually had an opinion about the game (rare), I wanted the 49ers to win. Josh was rooting for the we know, he won!

We all met up at my parents house, per the tradition. We gorged on food, which is what you're supposed to do on super bowl Sunday, right? We had an awesome spread of food, and I think we ate it up pretty well.

Beckett was in need of an overdue haircut. Charlee was nice enough to do it while we were there. Beckett actually sat relatively still this time. It turned out cute, he's a stud muffin :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Where Did Our Baby Go?

Sometimes I look at Beckett and am in shock at how old he is getting. Everyone always talks about how fast your kids grow up, but you don't fully understand it until you have your own. Beckett is no longer a baby, that's for sure! I think it all hit me the other day when I looked over at B; he was sitting on his little couch, watching Elmo, and eating a snack. He seems more grown up by the day.

Beckett will be 21 months old in a few days, here is what he's been up to:
  • Running, jumping, and climbing. Anytime, anywhere.
  • Potty training (no real success yet).
  • Putting 2-3 words together when he is talking.
  • Demands to read the same books over and OVER about 20 times a day.
  • Loves playing with his trucks and trains.
  • Still loves being outside, even if it is 0 degrees.
  • Hoards his stuffed animals (puppy & blackie).
  • Watches Elmo (Sesame Street) after he wakes up every morning.
  • Enjoys playing 'paint splasher' an app on our phone.
  • Animals, animals, animals. That's his world.

{The life and love we create is the life and love we live}