Saturday, November 30, 2013


This year we spent Thanksgiving in Orangeville (we alternate every year). We left as soon as we could, which was Tuesday night after work and school. We had a nice relaxing time down there, as always. It was a smaller crowd this year. Our family was down there, as well as Kari, Tessa, and Josh's grandma. Thanksgiving dinner was delicious. I'm sure we all ate too much....but that is sort of the point.

Thanksgiving morning we ran the Huntington Turkey Trot 5k (another tradition). I have been exercising as much as I normally do, however, I haven't ran since my 1st trimester of pregnancy. I wasn't planning on actually running the race, I was planning on doing a nice speed walk/slow run, just to get some nice exercise in before the big Thanksgiving dinner. To my surprise I was able to run the entire 5k. Don't get me wrong, it was a SLOW 5k, I took it nice and easy. When I started running it wasn't as uncomfortable as I had expected so I kept on going, before I knew it I ran across the finish line. I think if I had been any further along than I am now (which is 30 weeks), that I probably would have had to stop. Here are some pictures:

...and some more.

We took advantage of the great babysitters we had available and took a night out to see, Catching Fire. Josh & I both read the books and couldn't wait to see the movie. Needless to say, we LOVED it! I liked it even better than the first movie. We saw it at a cute old theater in Price. I love little old places that have character. I think I might have to go see the movie again!
Unfortunately, Josh's grandma broke one of her teeth off down to the root without anyone knowing until she got to Orangeville. Luckily we had an almost-dentist in the house! Josh called up a local office and they let him use their equipment to fix her tooth. He has 1 1/2 years left of school and we can't wait until he gets to work full time! We were all impressed with his skills. He is going to be a great dentist.
Here is one last picture of my cute-pie on our drive home. This guy needed a potty break and of course to touch the snow. He is getting so big, and smart, and clever.....the list could go on forever. Love him!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

7 Months

I am 28 weeks today....or 7 months pregnant. I feel so huge! I can't believe I have almost three months left. They might have to roll me to the hospital at this rate ;)

However, I shouldn't complain. This pregnancy has been almost as 'easy' as my first. I say 'easy', because pregnancy is NEVER easy...I just haven't had issues with my health or nausea, etc.

This last month my tummy has expanded at a very fast rate. I feel like I was this big when I delivered Beckett. I'm sure i'm not as big...... but it feels that way. Even gym is getting a bit more difficult at this point. My legs always hit my stomach when I ride the bike. It just seems to get in the way.

Baby girl has been kicking and grooving like crazy. She is moving all the time now, just like Beckett was. I'm hoping she is a little bit more mellow than Beckett. Otherwise, I might never sit down again!

We have started getting everything ready for this baby girl to arrive. I have had more than enough fun buying her clothes and accessories. Ah, a girls dream. I wanted to get most of it ready before the holidays, the holidays get crazy and go by so fast!

Cheers to another month down. Let's hope the next few go by with ease.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Family Room Update & Potty Training!

We finally got our basement family room finished! Phew! Our goal was to get the basement family room & bathroom re-done before baby girl comes-one down, one to go. The basement family room was cray cray before we repainted it. One wall was sponge painted blue, the other walls were wallpapered (half green & half beige flowers). On top of that, the carpet was orange before we replaced it.


As you can see, it needed work! We took off all the wallpaper and light fixtures, painted and added new fixtures. Josh replaced the doors and we also got a TV stand made, which I love. It has doors on the front that will be added.


We are really happy with the finished product so far. I still have some things to add (furniture, decorations) but the room is functional now, and that is what matters!
Potty Training:
Soooo....we have put off potty training for a good 6 months now. We tried last spring but Beckett just wasn't catching on and then he downright refused. He was still young so I let it go and decided to try again later. This summer we had a lot going on with Beckett: getting rid of his binky and switching from a crib to his toddler bed. I let all of that die down and then we started potty training, which was about 2 weeks ago. I wanted to get him potty trained and comfortable with it before this baby comes.
We started the potty training on a Sunday. Josh & Beckett actually stayed home from church to really get a good start. We basically stayed in the kitchen/living room all day with the potty in the living room. He did well that day, we asked him every 20 minutes or so if he had to go potty. When he did he would sit on the potty and go! The trouble we had was when we weren't at home. He had at least one accident at daycare every day that first week. However, he was catching on. After that first week Beckett started going to the potty on his own (without us having to ask him every 20 minutes). He hasn't had an accident in about 4-5 days. He has finally gotten it! Success!
He isn't potty trained at night, which i'm okay with. I think that will come with time. For now we are satisfied with the progress he has made. However, it does make me a little sad that he is growing up so fast! He has grown up a lot this year and there are many more changes to come.
This picture was taken earlier this week when I picked him up from daycare. It was his first full day with 0 accidents :)


Holidays like Halloween are getting more fun with kids. We had a hard time figuring out what Beckett would dress up as because Beckett changed his mind daily! The front runner options were Sulley or Mike (Monsters Inc.), Woody, or Buzz Lightyear. We finally decided on Woody. He made a super cute Woody, if I do say so myself. On Halloween we went over to my parent's house for dinner and then trick-or-treated in their neighborhood. Beckett had a blast this year. He was running as fast as he could from house to house. It took us a couple of days for him to recover, but that's what Halloween is about!

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