Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sharp Family Reunion 2012

This year we stayed at Duck Creek Village for our Sharp Family Reunion. It was Josh & I's turn to plan it and luckily it turned out well. Our trip was filled to the brim with fun things to do and we kept busy the entire time! I took pictures gallor and you can have a glimse of our vacation through photos. First up....Zions:
Here we are eating lunch before going on our hike. Zions was super busy!!
We took a shuttle bus through Zions which took us to our trail head. Beckett stuck his head out the window on the way to check out the scenery.
On our hike up to the bottom of the narrows.
 We are so Zenified.
 Beckett & Bridger playing in the river.

 Next up....Fishing:

One of the big traditions is to have an 'Amazing Race/Competition' every year at the Reunion. This year Josh & I planned it. The couples were competing against each other in 4 different cateories-Brain Zone, Food Zone, Survivor Zone, and the Endurance Zone. It was a lot of fun. Ryan & Kristi took the gold this year.
 Here is Krisit stuffing marshmallows into her mouth during the food competition. The goal was to fit as many in your mouth as possible. Allan won this with 17!!!
The survivor zone was one of the most entertaining. The couples were given 15 minutes to scrounge aroiund and use whatever materials they could find to construct a mechanism that would funnel water from the top to the bottom (they were able to use a leatherman & twine). Ryan and Kristi won this, you can see their awesome contraption above.
We also did a modified version with the kiddos, this is us with all of them afterwards.
We went and checked out the Mammoth Caves which was near Duck Creek. Beckett & Josh made it all the way through one of them....having to crawl out one end! It was an experience and fun for everyone.
Cheers til' next year!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bree is 17!

My little sister Breanne turned 17 yesterday....she is getting so grown up! We had a fabulous day celebrating with her. We joined my family at Hogle Zoo (B's first time). Beckett loved it.....he especially loves playing with Breanne.  Beckett was very interested in all of the animals, I think he only got nervous once. After the zoo we gathered with the fam and ate at Zupas, it's Bree's favorite place. We then went to my parents' house for the traditional cake & ice cream and opening of presents. Happy Birthday Bree!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

1st Week of Summer

We dived into summer and had a fabulous first week. We have kept busy...that's for sure. Our first week in pictures:

 Utilized our season pass at 7 Peaks.

 Swam and swam and swam....wearing Beckett out.
 Josh set up the TV/DVD player in Beckett's room. I couldn't resist taking a picture of how cute this daddy-son moment was.

Watched Bree's horse show in Park City.
Beckett at Breanne's horse show giving my dad a scowl. He is good at making faces lately.
Found a great hike about 10 minutes from us (Bell Canyon Hike). It leads to a lake & waterfall. 
Beckett being full boy got into mischief this week. He got into my work folders with all of my dance curriculum in it for next year and threw it all over the place. It wasn't fun having to re-sort all of my papers. Oh kids! :)
{The life and love we create is the life and love we live}