Monday, April 28, 2014

Harlow: 3 Month Update

The last few days I've been surprised at how big Harlow is getting. She looks less and less like a newborn everyday. She is such a fun baby, and easy going for the most part. She is very social, she is much happier being held or touched, even just being able to see someone close by. She is completely infatuated with Beckett. The moment she can see Beckett she will just stare at him, it'll even calm her down if she is fussy.

3 Months:
  • STILL wakes up 2 times a night. She has always been consistent with this since she was newly born. It doesn't bother us much though because she eats and goes right back to sleep. I think she'll start sleeping longer next month when we start her on rice cereal.
  • Harlow still likes to nibble and take little naps throughout the day. She still doesn't eat much more than she did when she was first born.
  • Very social. She loves it when people talk to her and tickle her.
  • Smiles a lot! She is pretty easy to get a smile out of, very happy baby.
  • She loves being swaddled and sleeping in her swing.
  • Her hair is coming back in on the top. Surprisingly, it still has a pretty good auburn hue to it.
  • Is gaining weight! She is so cute and chubby, except for those feet of hers. Long and skinny like her dads :)
  • Laughing? I say that with a question mark because we've gotten a couple of laugh like sounds out of her, but it isn't too consistent yet. She is still learning.
  • She doesn't love tummy time. She will only stand it for a couple minutes max before she starts wailing.
  • No rolling over yet. She is content hanging out and watching people.
  • She loves, LOVES her hands. You can always catch her munching on her fingers. She prefers it over her binky.


Monday, April 21, 2014


Easter was A LOT of fun this year. It was Harlow's first Easter and Beckett is now old enough to really get into it. The day before Easter there was a North Salt Lake Easter egg hunt at the park right by our house. We walked over and did that in the morning (there were a million kids!) and then died eggs that night. You know, the usual.

Easter morning Beckett couldn't wait to start hunting for his eggs. I had to corner him in the bathroom until Josh was ready with the video camera. As soon as we told him he could get them he ran as fast as he could! He had a ball.

After our Easter egg hunting we went to church and then to the annual Easter party at my great uncle Curtis' house. We've been going there ever since I was little and it's always been a fun tradition. There is always a big Easter egg hunt around his yard and the kids love looking at his goats and the horses that are around. We went a while without any little ones but now there are a bunch of kids and they are right around B's age. It's much more fun with little kids around! Beckett also chased the goats around all afternoon, literally. It didn't take him long to zonk out on the drive home! You know it's been a good day when your kids are exhausted from having so much fun.

Zoo Fun & Landscaping

I am a bit behind on my blogging so I've got a couple things to catch up on! A few weeks back we decided to cut our cherry tree down in the back yard. It was a big tree in the perfect spot for shade. The problem? It was dead. Dead as can be.

When we first bought our house last year we were super excited about it, until spring came along. We waited and waited for it to bloom but it never happened. We then realized it was dead and had been for some time.

Josh recruited some of the men in his family and they got cutting. It only took them a few hours to get it down. We were grateful for their help! My dad came by later that day to help us pick up all the branches and get them organized. We have some awesome family!
Now that the tree is gone our backyard feels empty! We decided to plant an apple tree to fill in our yard a bit. Beckett is a good helper, especially if it has anything to do with dirt! His new gardening gloves are his favorite thing. He can't wait to put them on as soon as we go outside. Love him.

 Another fun thing we did this past month was go to the zoo. We went with my mom & sister at the end of our spring break. Beckett hadn't been since the beginning of last summer and had been asking to go. He has always loved animals. We had a good time, Beckett had the most fun, and that's what matters!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break Trip

We have started to make it a tradition of going down to St. George every spring break. This year was no exception. Luckily, our kids are super awesome at traveling. Beckett didn't complain once, not ONCE. Harlow was a little more tricky, but she slept most of the way. On our way down we made a few stops, one of which was the cheese factory in Beaver. We got ourselves some ice cream, stretched our legs and then hit the road.

 When we got down there the sun was shining and Beckett had been sitting in the car all day so we went for a swim. We weren't planning on doing much down there except relaxing, swimming and eating.

 That night we walked around the corner to eat dinner at the Rib & Chop House. It was recommended to us and for good reason! It was delicious.
 Sunday morning it was colder and a bit cloudy so we took a walk around the temple and played at the park for a while.
Harlow was not impressed with the weather either. We were hoping for sunny and hot.
 We went to dinner that night at Pancho & Lefty's. My new favorite Mexican restaurant.
 We did some site seeing at the temple quarry.
 Lunch at Basilas (Greek-Mediterranean food, another recommendation). It was also super delicious. Harlow looks so big in this picture! They grow too fast.
 We now have a swimmer and dare devil on our hands. Beckett is definitely going to have to start swim lessons this summer. He is WAY too daring.


 Even little Harlow got some 'spa time' in.
Before we headed home we stopped at Swig for some drinks and a sugar cookie of course. I fell in love with those sugar cookies. To die for!
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