Monday, August 23, 2010

Mission Accomplished: P90X

I did it-finished day 90 of P90X on Saturday. I have heard so much about it, as most of us had, and thought i'd give it a try. I'm pretty sceptical of this sorta stuff but Josh had done it last summer so he had all the equipment.
Well here are my thoughts on the program-it's definitely a good work out but for a girl it's got a little too much lifting and not quite enough cardio. I actually thought I was going to gain weight once I started because I was used to doing a lot more cardio. I was suprised that after all said and done I weigh exactly the same as when I started! Ha, i wish I could have lost some weight but i'm not sure it's a big fat burner workout. If you're wanting to gain more muscle mass....go for it. If you're wanting to just tone and lose some fat i'd do the Lean program or add more cardio to the regular program. So thats my critique and suggestion :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Lion King

Last Tuesday I got to go to see, The Lion King, in Salt Lake with all the girls on my moms side. It was sooooo good!! It is by far my most favorite broadway play. The music, props, everything....were awesome. I recommend you all go and see it if you have the chance!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Another crazy weekend

I can't believe how busy Josh & I have been this summer. We literally have had one or two weekends at's nuts! It's been fun though and we have certainly done a ton of fun stuff. You gotta live up the summer, because before too long winter comes around.

This last weekend was Dustin & Liz's reception in Orangeville. We worked all day long preparing for the reception and bbq before hand. It turned out awesome, Josh's parents backyard looked beautiful. Josh and his brothers served Cold Stone ice cream during the reception. We were all busy the entire time because I think the entire population of Emery County & Price came to the reception ;)

The next day we headed all the way from Orangeville up to Ogden for a bridal shower and to celebrate my grandmas birthday. Happy Birthday gma Pete! It's also my momma's birthday this Tuesday....all us girls are going to see the 'Lion King' on broadway-i'm way excited! For now, thats the update, but i'm sure there will be plenty more to come. We are squeezing the most out of summer that we can.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Most of my friendsies from high school finally got together...long overdue. We went bowling and had some pizza. It was a blast. We started right where we left off. It makes me laugh because I remember when we were in high school and would talk about growing up and how we would still see each other all the time. I wish that were the case, but life is so dang busy!! Needless to say we still do find time to see each other, even if it's not as often as we predicted when we were wee 18 year olds. BFF4E!

Bye Bye Hair

I actually went through with it. Cut 13 inches off my hair. It feels sooo good! Donated it to Locks of Love. Another check off my 'life to-do list'.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stapley Family Vacation

My moms side of the family goes on a vacation every year, this year was Park City. We did A LOT while we were there, it was a blast.

First of all the arts festival was going on, so we definitely hit that up a few times, saw lots of cool stuff.

Secondly, we FINALLY got to go on our hot air balloon ride! We had tried 2 times before that and it was too windy both times. My grandma came with us when we were to Park City and I think she was our good luck charm. It was amazing, I definitely recommend it to anyone. I thought I would be scared, considering i'm afraid of heights, but it actually wasn't bad. My husband is the best for planning this! Now I get to check one thing off of my bucket list.
We also went to a concert at Deer Valley while we were there, it was a good time. Everybody got up and danced-including my grandma and dad-you can't go wrong with that.

Here are some pics from the rest of the weekend:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dustin & Liz's Wedding

Friday, July 30th Josh's older brother Dustin got married to Elizabeth. It was a great wedding, at the SLC Temple. It was really fun because Elizabeth is related to Elder Dallin H. Oaks and he was the one that performed their marriage ceremony. There wedding was in the morning, and then we went to the Luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Dustin & Liz left for an Alaskan cruise the day after and their reception will be held in Orangeville in a few weeks! Here are some pics from the day:
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