Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh Family

I recently hit a landmark. Saturday Josh & I hosted our first family party.

We cleaned, cooked, ate, and laughed. It was an awesome time and i'm glad my fam was able to drive down. After dinner & fondue we played Pictionary and Charades....that is a recipe for laughs! Momma will never live down 'The Motorcycle".

This will definitely be the first of many parties at the Sharps.

Awesome pics to come :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hallows Eve

Let me endulge your eyes in pictures. Halloween was fun as ever...I love dressing up...and I managed to marry a man that likes to dress up just as much as me :) Josh actually dressed up twice, once for work and then on Halloween. He competed at work for the best costume/funniest-he was Richard Simmons. I'm sure he'll win, who can resist those legs? haha.

We drove up to my parents' house on Halloween and hung out there, watched the kids do some trick-or-treating. We dressed up as Grease characters...however, when we got there we decided to wear name tags of my grandparents that were coming over..."Robert" and "Janet" because they grew up in that era. It was a hit to say the least.

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