Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bad Parenting 101

There is a story about Beckett that is just too funny not to share. First of all, i'm going to blame the following story ALL on Josh :)

Beckett is at an age where he is picking up everything, mannerisms, words, everything. A few weeks ago Beckett was getting in trouble for something (I don't remember the details), Beckett didn't like that so he yelled out "Dammit!" Josh and I just looked at each other. Did he say what we think he said?! Then, he continued to yell, "Dammit, dammit", just as clear as day. Yep, our 23 month old has just picked up a swear word from his parents. Parent of the year award.

Since then we have tried EVERYTHING to get this word out of his vocabulary. We have tried to ignore, we have tried to guide him to say "don't" instead, we have told him no. Nothing is working! It also doesn't help our case that we laugh half of the time he says it because, let's be honest, it's funny! Now the good part of the story. We were at church the other day, sitting in sacrament meeting, sitting towards the back. Beckett was being a pretty good boy the whole time until he started throwing some things on the floor. Josh got after him, told him no and to pick them up. Then, without warning, Beckett YELLS, "Dammit! Dammit!"
I pick Beckett up, covered his mouth and tried to control my laughter. Beckett keeps yelling, "Dammit! Dammit!" So I run with him out to the foyer. Oh my, what an awful moment. Here I am, a first time mom, and my son is already swearing at church.

Luckily, he hasn't said it since then.....let's hope we keep it that way and this can just be a funny story to look back on :)

Here is a picture of our culprit. This is his new thing.....socks on hands and no pants or diaper. He will be 2 in less than a month!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

St. George

We got to end our spring break with a weekend trip down to St. George. What a great way to end our break, right? The weather was perfect-o, sunny and warm. We basked in the sun the entire time we were there. Beckett couldn't get enough time in the swimming pool which was fine by me.Anytime we would come back to the hotel he would look at me and say, "swimmin?" I couldn't resist his cute little face, we ended up swimming multiple times a day. Other than swimming we relaxed, hiked in Snow Canyon, shopped, and ate good food.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Breakin'

Beckett & I have been spring breakin' it up. Josh had his mini spring break a few weeks ago, so it's been Beckett & I having a good ol' time. We have kept really busy (as usual) and had a lot of fun. We've been to City Creek, Hogle Zoo, Museum of Ancient History, gone on walks, bike rides, and to the park. Phew! The best part is that we are off to St. George tomorrow for a little weekend get-a-way. I heard that this weekend is going to be rainy, but not in St. George! Yeah! Perfect timing. Here are a few pictures of our week.

Hogle Zoo

Museum of Ancient History

A Few Randoms


Monday, April 1, 2013


We had a great Easter this year. Beckett is one year older and was able to enjoy the traditions.

Beckett hunted for Easter eggs as soon as he woke up. He loved it! His favorite part of course was the candy inside.

We went to church, a good reminder of what Easter is all about.

After church we were off to Plain City, where we go every year. The kids all got to do another Easter egg hunt in my great uncle Curtis' backyard and pasture. Beckett ate his candy as he went. We enjoyed being outside in the sun, it was such a beautiful day! They had a lot of goats, horses, pigs, and dogs around-Beckett made sure they were all fed :)

Beckett didn't get to have a nap all day because of
all the festivities we had planned, so he zonked out on our way back home. I love this little guy!
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