Friday, September 26, 2014

Harlow: 8 Month Update


Our little Low Low is growing up! She is such a funny little girl. Here is her 8 month update:
  • Sitting up great.
  • Can pull herself up to stand.
  • Trying REALLY hard to crawl. She isn't there yet, but she can move a little bit. She is real good at rolling around to get places.
  • She still thinks her brother is the funniest person ever. He can always get her to laugh.
  • She is warming up a little bit to baby food, but still isn't a huge fan.
  • Favorite foods: milk, any purple baby food, chicken noodle soup baby food, veggie straws.
  • She loves attention and being around people.
  • Like I mentioned, she loves attention. If she isn't happy with the attention  (or lack thereof) she will squeak in short bursts. "aah!" pause. "aah!" pause. "aah!" until she gets what she wants....which is attention. It cracks me up. It's such a girly little squeak too.
  • She is still pretty easy going and mellow. She doesn't cry a whole lot, unless she really feels like you're not paying enough attention to her :)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Soccer: The Firsts

This past week, Beckett had his first ever soccer practice and soccer game. Josh is the coach of the team, which I hoped would help Beckett feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case so far.

He was okay at practice. He got out there with the kids and kicked the ball a few times, but he couldn't quite comprehend that the other kids were allowed to kick his ball too. He wanted it all for himself!

At his first game, he wouldn't even get on the field. He wasn't quite sure what this whole soccer thing is about. He spent some of the game like this:

Let's hope he'll get more comfortable with it as time goes on :)

After the game, we went to the SLC Farmers Market. It's a lot of fun and they have great stuff there. I got some yummy produce and we had a fun lunch at the park. We had Bree for the weekend while my parents were out of town, so she got to join in on the fun.

Labor Day Weekend

We had a full and fun Labor Day weekend. On Friday, all of us girls went up and experienced Swiss Days in Midway. Last year was my first year going and I fell in LOVE. It's the best. It is crazy busy, but it's still totally worth it (in my opinion). Last year I bought my first baby girl purchases, and this year Harlow got to come :) I got a ton of fun baby girl stuff. Afterwards, we grabbed dinner at Maxwells. Best pizza ever. It was a good night.

Saturday I had a drill reunion with some of the girls that were on Snow Colleges' Badgerettes (circa 06-07). It was good to see them all!

Sunday, we had a nice and relaxing family dinner at the Petersens. Harlow loved all the attention she got :)

Monday, which was Labor Day, Josh and I did the Labor Day Triathlon at the Bountiful Rec Center. I did a lot better than the one we did in May, which was my goal. My REAL goal was to place top 3 in my age group....I got 4th. So close, yet so far away!

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