Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Break

This year my fall break was a little longer, I had Thursday, Friday, AND Monday off. It was awesome. We filled the break with lots of fun things to keep us busy.
Thursday, Beckett and I ran errands. We went to my 24 week doctor's appointment. Beckett helped the doctor set up the monitor to listen to baby girl's heartbeat. She is healthy and growing! We went to Costco afterwards and while we were sitting down to some pizza, Beckett had a nice conversation with a cute little old lady. Sometimes Beckett is super shy and sometimes he will carry on a conversation with anyone, you never know what you're going to get. Unfortunately, my car wouldn't start after that (luckily I just needed to get my battery replaced, which was an easy fix). The picture above was snapped while we waited for Josh to save us.

Friday we had our annual girls day (girls day until Josh joined us at the end), at Gardner Village's Witchfest. We shopped around, looked at all the funny witches, and had lunch at Archibalds. It's a fun October tradition and Beckett always has a good time because there tends to be lots of sugar involved.

Saturday, Josh and I were able to spend some time at the temple. Afterwards, we went to the 'Farnival'. My parents neighbor's have a son with disabilities that has spent a lot of time at Primary Children's Medical Center. Every year for his birthday they throw a fundraiser for Primary Children's at their house. They had a petting zoo, games, food, train rides and much more. It was fun to get B dressed up in his Woody costume and he had a ball on the train. To finish of the night we went to dinner with some friends. It was a good Saturday.
I'm not sure I would classify Sunday and Monday as fun, but it was a new experience. It was potty training time. We tried last spring to start potty training Beckett but he wasn't having it. We took a break and waited for him to be ready. The last few weeks Beckett has been telling us when his diaper needed to be changed, so we knew he was ready. I just had to wait for a time when we were actually home for a while. On Sunday we stayed in the house the majority of the day and he was watching movies next to his little potty. He did really well in the morning, especially with all the cheering he got from us and candy rewards. After his nap we put his new undies on, I think the feeling of having underwear on made him forget to use the potty, so we had a few accidents but he was still catching on well. Monday morning he was still at it, doing good so we decided to go on a walk and to run a few errands. He wore his undies the whole time and didn't have ONE accident, I was a proud mommy :) We are still working at it, we haven't begun to start working on naps and night time, that will come later. Regardless, it's a big step and Beckett is turning into a big boy before my eyes!

Friday, October 18, 2013

6 Months Along

This week was my 24 week mark. This pregnancy has flown by compared to my first. I think these next 16 weeks will fly by too, especially with all of the holidays! Here are a few things I want to remember about this pregnancy:

*I feel a lot bigger this time around! My tummy showed earlier and it hasn't stopped!
*I still haven't had the 'pregnancy cravings' most women have. Every now and then I will want something in particular, but it always changes. The past few days I have been wanting orange juice....weird. At least it's healthier than some of the other options :)
*Baby girl moves a lot! Beckett boy moved a lot while I was pregnant with him too. If she is anything like Beckett we won't get to sit down a lot!
*Hot flashes. Geez. I didn't have any big side effects that I remember with Beckett, but that is not the case this time around. Probably because it's a girl. I get crazy hot flashes all the time. All well, it's just us crazy pregnant ladies, right?
*I have been sleeping great! I was worried I would have a hard time sleeping by this point, whether it be that I was uncomfortable or had to wake up to go to the bathroom. However, I haven't had any of those issues yet! I hope it keeps up.
*Lastly, I have been prepping Beckett for baby girl. It has been a lot of fun. Beckett is already giving my belly kisses and talking about baby sister, 'sissy'. He says he wants to name her, Neighbor. Hmmm, i'll have to put that on my list ;)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Busy Bee's

We have been super busy at our house lately. It seems like we have been busy since we moved into our new house, which makes sense. We knew what we were getting into, but it was so worth it!

Last week I had parent-teacher conferences....yuck! It is hard being at school for 12 hours straight, 2 days in a row. At least it's over :) Beckett & Josh had good bonding time while I was working my long hours.

Because of parent-teacher conferences we got last Friday off of school. Yippee! Beckett and I spent the day together. We ran errands, played, and did some art projects.
We had a family date night downtown. We had dinner at Market Street & dessert at Bruges Waffles & Frites!

After we took the night off as a family we got to work on Saturday working on our house. We have the goal of getting our basement fixed up before this baby girl is born. First up is the living room. Josh did a great job and had a lot of patience getting all of the nasty old wallpaper off! We got the room prepped and painted. I have had my lifetime fill of painting since we bought this house. It's amazing what paint will do to a room, makes it feel completely different. Here is a look at the basement family room, it isn't put back together yet. More before/after pictures to come.
It was conference weekend and food always comes with conference weekend! I spent a lot of time in the kitchen, and also got my last batch of canning done :) :) I made marinara sauce, yum! I am not a fan of canning, to say the least, but the end product is worth it!

Here it is, terrible two's. I thought we were gonna luck out and Beckett wouldn't draw on foreign objects, but no, we got to experience it. Here is a picture of the bandit in action. He barricaded himself with the stools and colored on the tile. Good thing we got it off!

{The life and love we create is the life and love we live}