Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our Newest Addition

We recently added another member to the newly formed Sharp family (no....don't get too baby Sharp's yet).'s a hampster! His name is Dwain.

What I REALLY wanted was a puppy, which i've had my heart set on getting for at least 2 years....but i'm not allowed to get one due to where we live. Someday.... someday i'll have a puppy named Bucket.
Which brings me to our other big news-WE'RE MOVING! We have been wanting to get out of our one-bedroom apartment for a while and a great opportunity popped up so we took it. It's a completely remodeled basement apartment in Pleasant Grove, much more spacious and in a cute little neighborhood. And the best part? There are 2 chickens living in the backyard! Yep, chickens, so we will be getting fresh eggs every morning. We're moving in on Monday and I couldn't be happier to be getting out of busy Orem.

And the last of the news. We officially started our P90X program two weeks ago. I've been wanting to try it for a while now (Josh did the full program last summer). We took the 'before' shots and everything. If my 'after' shots don't look amazing I will totally sue the inventer of P90X. But on top of that Josh & I are training for a Triathlon, which is July 10th. All of that is pretty grueling....I currently can't walk, and neither can Josh. We look like we're 80 when we walk. Good times...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Orangeville Adventures

This weekend we came down to Orangeville to visit Josh's family. We had a fun time and were able to go see some old indian drawings on the rock walls (they say their from 2000-1000 years ago). Then we went and saw the swinging bridge which is a little further in the dessert. It was built in the 1930's-I guess they call it the swinging bridge because when people used to drive over it, it would sway. Not sure I would feel comfortable driving acrossed a swaying bridge!

Sugarland & Motha's Day

Last weekend we went to the Sugarland concert-it was awesome! Sugarland was great with the audience and they were amazing live. Julianne Hough opened for them, and someone that was on American Idol last year but I forgot his name...
Then, as we know, that Sunday was Mother's Day. We did our traditional Brunch & hung out with the fam.

Monday, May 3, 2010


As of April 30, 2010 I am an official graduate of Utah Valley University! Woo hoo! It's been five years in the making and it's crazy that it is finally over. I have no complaints though (except for finding a decent job with my degree). I have had the time of my life, starting college with Snow-nothing will ever match up to that! Now I'm 22, married, graduating, and trying to figure out where my life goes from here! Josh is not too far behind, he'll be graduating in December ... then we're off to dental school! It will be the biggest sigh of relief when he graduates from dental school .... in approximately five years, if all goes well:)

Age, 18
Status: Mostly single ;)
Lived with my two best friends.
Had no idea what I wanted to major in.
Got home sick every week.
Met amazing people & lifelong friends.
Spent almost everyday at drill practice.
Partied like crazy-all the time.
Had no idea what life had in store for me.
Loved life.

Age, 22
Status: Married
Living with this man I call my husband:)
Bachelors in School Health Education.
Gets home sick every week.....or two.
Continuing to keep in touch with those friends.
Missing dance all the time.
Parties little, and is okay with that.
Starting to realize where my life is going.
Loving life.

Graduation Pictures:

{The life and love we create is the life and love we live}