Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Currently, our computer is under the weather so I'm behind on blogging. I wanted to write a memorial blog post dedicated to our dog, Romeo.

Romeo decided to run away from my parents house about 3 weeks ago. So sad! We're finally coming to the conclusion that he isn't coming home. It's been hard to transition and hard when you don't get to say goodbye!

We got Romeo during our first year of marriage, so he is all we know! He definitely had his quirks: hopping fences, barking uncontrollably at the UPS man, potty training difficulties, and only running in left handed circles. We loved him all the same! He was AWESOME with our kids and they loved him. They spent countless hours playing with him.  He was very protective and loyal to us. Just the other day in the car Beckett said a prayer (this was about the 3rd incidence) asking that Romeo was safe, had food to eat, had shelter, and that he was happy. It was so sweet. Beckett is convinced that he lives in the trees somewhere and made a home for himself:)

We love you Romeo! Hopefully your lounging in a fluffy dog bed somewhere! Xoxo

{The life and love we create is the life and love we live}