Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our Humble Home

I can't help but post a few pictures of our first place together as the new Sharp family. It will always be a good memory reference :) We live in Orem, in a cute little apartment that is perfect for us. I'm pretty content with it....except I drive Josh nuts because I always talk about how I can't wait to have lots of fall & Christmas decorations! Patience is a virtue....
Our Living Room

The living room & kitchen table is to the right.

And our bedroom


Hola! Josh & I flew back in from our cruise a few days ago, I wish it would have lasted much longer! We had a blast and it was just what we needed.

We flew to San Diego and boarded our ship there (it was gigantic! And beautiful, AND an ecofriendly! haha). We hung out on board that day, checked everything out, layed by the know...the good stuff. The next day we stopped at our first port, Ensenada. It was awesome waking up and looking outside to the beautiful Mexican coastline. Josh & I went on a tour/hike through the Mexican 'wine country'. It wasn't EXACTLY what we expected (a little dried up and not green) but it was good to get out and see different parts of the city. After the hike we shopped around and ate lunch downtown.
Our next port was Cabo, b-e-a-utiful! Our ship was parked right in the middle of the bay and we took little boats to shore. That morning we went kayaking and snorkeling. It was fun but there were jellyfish everywhere, I mean everywhere! Almost everyone we went with got stung (minus me, thank goodness), even Josh got stung on his back when he was snorkeling. After we recovered, we walked around that beach (Lovers Beach and Pelican Rock) and took pictures. The remainder of the day we walked around Cabo, ate lunch (delicious), and shopped.....Oh....and did I mention that we practically where sweating to death? lol, it was super, super humid and very warm...but well worth it.

The rest of the days were spent at sea on the ship. Very relaxing to say the least; we layed by the pool, had Pina Coladas, ate delicious food, and watched a bunch of shows in the ships theater. I was sad to come home, but all good vacations have to come to an end.
The night we flew home I ran into some trouble (this is a little side story). Josh & I had driven seperately and on my way home to Orem my car completely broke down, I barely made it off the freeway before it completely stopped. If you know me well then you know that I don't do well in scary driving/car situations. I was in the middle of the offramp, my car wouldn't move, and yes....I started bawling. This nice man helped me push my car off the road and within 2 minutes (seriously!) Josh's dad and brother pulled up to help (they happened to be in the area when Josh called them to help). They were all troopers, Josh included, and helped fix my car in the pouring rain. Thank you thank you!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Big Day

Well, our wedding day was absolutely PERFECT and I can't believe it came and went so fast! Everyone always said that the actual day flies by....and its true. I met Josh at the SLC Temple that morning....bright and early....however, my dad and i were a tid bit late and we almost hit a car on our way there as well, haha. Everything was so surreal that morning but I was excited the day was finally there! We were married at 9:40 that morning (September 25th) surrounded by loved ones.

After our temple sealing we met everyone outside and took the traditional pictures. It was so awesome seeing everyone we loved there and all our family members that came in from out of town. My favorite part was walking out of the temple doors as they annouced us as "Josh & Taylor Sharp"! :D

We had our luncheon at the Raddisson hotel downtown, it was awesome. Our dads gave a toast as well as my bridesmaid Katie, and Joshs' groomsman Kirk and brother Ryan. After the luncheon we were off to our reception! It was at the Memorial House at Memory Grove and let me tell you turned out PERFECT! It couldn't have happened without my mom, thats for sure....and with the help of many family members and friends. It totally exceeded my expectations. We stood and greeted people in the traditional line for the greater part of the reception, followed by the dances. The noteworthy dance of the evening was my daddy-daughter dance. I choreographed it (my dad was a sport) and it went awesome. My dad remembered it and everything ;)

After the reception we headed off to Park City for the weekend and finally....after a few weeks we are headed on our REAL honeymoon tomorrow morning! I can't wait :) We're going on a cruise to Mexico (Ensenada and Cabo). Adios!

Josh & I walking around the temple

The beautiful reflection pool

my sexy bridesmaids!

the groomsman....awesome picture! Josh looks like a rockstar :)

Memory Grove

Josh 'jumping over backwards' for me, haha. (Just what we needed: a possible broken kneck on our wedding day)

Our first dance

The famous daddy-daughter dance....our ending pose!

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