Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dinosaur Park

Okay, so Beckett is OBSESSED with dinosaurs these days. Like, really, he's obsessed. We took him to the dinosaur park in Ogden this fall and he's been asking to go back ever since. We had a free weekend last month and it was beautiful weather so we decided to take a trip there. We had a good time and Josh was able to join us this time (it was his first time there). Afterwards, we hung out, got ourselves some famous Mormon muffins and had dinner at the Timbermine. A pretty good Saturday if you ask me!

Stapley Family Ski Day

We had our annual ski day this year with the Stape's. It was a great skiing day. It wasn't too cold and we were able to take Beckett with us. We had taken Beckett skiing for his first time a few weeks earlier. He did really well, my dad was the one who taught him and he knows all the tricks! This time with the family he got tired more quickly but it was still a lot of fun. We took a few runs on the baby hill and then took him up on the tram. That run down was a little too long for him so my dad had to carry him down the steeper hills, which he loved! I helped him down the last half and he did well. I think we will have a pretty dang good little skier.

Sharp Latelies

I haven't updated the blog in a while but I want to make sure I capture life's little moments! Pictures are always a better way to explain what's been going on....
 Well, we got a new car! Yay! We needed a roomier car for our larger family. While we were signing the paperwork, Harlow split her lip open. It was a fun time ;)

 This little gal is full of life! She loves playing outside and swinging.

 One day, we took the kids to Tracy Aviary. We needed to get out of the house and it was a fun way to do it!
 This was Harlow's first ponytail and first big owie. She fell at the park and landed straight on her nose! It's hard being a one-year old.
 Josh & I went to a movie showing with his soon to be new office & staff. It was fun for me to get to meet a lot of them.

 Poor Beckett got really sick with a stomach bug and spent a day camped out right here. Poor thing.
 Then, a few days later, Harlow got sick. Her cute smiles helped get through the week:)

 We celebrated my dad's 54th birthday.

 They had a great Lego exhibit at Fashion Place Mall that I took the kids to see. That Beckett boy won't smile 'normally' for anything these days!

 We pulled out the bike trailer and went on a nice spring jaunt on Legacy Parkway.
 Beckett had his first dentist appointment with Josh! Josh said it went really well and that Beckett behaved. Phew!

 Celebrated St. Patrick's Day! Holidays are much more fun with kids.
We've started doing some yard work. Beckett is the best helper in the yard and garden. We just put in a nice, BIG sandbox in our backyard. The kids love it.
{The life and love we create is the life and love we live}