Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moab 2010

This was my first 'jeeping trip' to Moab. I was quite nervous because Josh had taken me in his jeep, by Orangeville, once and I was completely freaked out. I was basically the photographer on this trip, want to know why? You're on solid ground when you're taking pictures :)

Josh's family has been jeeping down there for about 9 years...so their quite used to the idea. They all arrived in Moab on Thursday, Josh & I got there on Friday night because of school & work. We caught them just in time for dinner. Later that night they decided to go on a night trail run called 'the rim'. It was only Josh & I, Dustin & Liz, and his twin sisters-the rest stayed back and went to bed-lucky ;). We headed up to the trail and holy moley, good thing it was dark! The trail was up a side of a mountain on rock, with a river below. You're right next to the cliff most of the time. It being so dark helped me to not freak out so much because I couldn't really see what was going on. The whole time, I kept thinking of how ODD an activity this was. Driving your jeep and seeing how much you can do with it....its crazy. haha. But it was an adventure. I actually ended up jogging beside the jeep for about 70% of that trail that night, it scared me too much to ride in it!
The next day we got up and headed on our trail for the day called, 'Hells Revenge'. It was a long trail through the rocky surfaces of Moab. It's Josh's favorite. It was fun, but man, I definitely could visually see all the dangers that day! The last obstacle of the day was the most intense-(obstacle=difficult/steep/crazy/rock you have to climb with your jeep). I believe it was called the elevator (pic below), but it was this long sort of mini-canyon between two rocks that they tried to get their jeeps up. It took about 2 hrs to get both the jeeps up, Dustin's jeep ended up getting a little scrape, but they both made it! Both of Josh's front wheels came off the ground and one point and I thought he was going to roll over backwards....I am pretty sure I let out a scream at that point. All in all, it was pretty scary, but I got more used to it throughout the day-the pics below speak for themselves!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring is here.

Oh we're busy busy bee's around the Sharp household. I am in my last stretch of student teaching....just over 2 weeks left. It's been a good experience, but I can't wait to graduate next month. You better believe i'm going to celebrate!

Last weekend, Josh & I went up to Sundance skiing (my first time at that resort). We waited until March because I wanted to go spring skiing.....SPRING skiing. Of course the Saturday we picked it decided to snow all day. Bummer.

A few of my friends were up this way this week-it was their spring break. So I got to go out to dinner with them and catch up. We definitely dont' see each other enough so it's great to have a girls night every once in a while. I can't imagine how hard it'll be to get together once some of us move away and start having little kiddies!
So-random moment this week. Sunday it was super nice so Josh & I went up the canyon on a walk....afterwards Josh drove me to this little farm type place across the freeway in Orem. He noticed it driving on the freeway one day and so naturally he had to show me what he discovered! We drove up to this weird farm that looked like a huge junkyard. But back behind were all these exotic animals! It was crazy...and so random! They had cows that had the HUGE horns on them, peacocks...and a few more but i don't know how to describe them. Little did we know we had African animals so close ;)
This weekend we're off to Moab to go jeeping. I have never been before but Josh's family has been going for years to the Jeep Safari. It's gonna be an adventure. I'm sure i'll scream a million times and be on the verge of a heart attack-but hey, I need some adventure before I get old and senile.

Wish us luck!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A day out, traumatic event, mustache, birthday, and car-less :)

As you can tell-our weekend was anything but boring! I got the day off Friday (the school was closed), and was very happy about it. One more month til i'm done student teaching!

Saturday we unexpectedly tended our nieces (sounds weird...i've never had nieces or nephews til i got married!). We had a good time, but realized that we need to stock up on kid movies and toys-we have zero. We had to resort to the girls painting Josh's toenails (what troopers). After that we decided to spend our Saturday afternoon out and about, to get away from Orem. We went to Gardner Village for a few hours, I hadn't been there in years and it was really fun. We shopped around, looked at some animals, ate some candy. Good times.

After Gardner Village we stopped by IKEA, cause it's the best store, and purchased a much needed coffee table. However, on our way there I got a phone call from momma stapley. They had all gone snowmobiling that day (my dad, mom, bree, trev & charlee), apparently they were playing around in an open area and my dad w/ bree was right behind Charlee, he was going to go past her to the right when his snowmobile lurched forward (his hand wasn't on the gas or anything). His snowmobile hit the back of Charlee's and then went up and over it and slammed into her back. My dad & Bree fell of their sled as well as Charlee. Charlee was in shock but tried to tough it out. Long story short-Trevor had to call search & rescue to get her out, then an ambulance took her to the hospital to x-ray her back. She was so lucky, however, no broken bones, no spinal injuries-just a deep bone bruise in her lower back. When we heard, Josh & I drove up to Heber, where they were all in the hospital. Definitely an experience and not such a pleasant one! My dad owes her big time ;)

Sunday, Josh shaved in a mustache (for Mustache March....he claims). He showed it off at my dad's birthday party gathering at my parents house on Sunday. Nasty, nasty-Let's get serious....mustache's don't ever look good.

Lastly-BEFORE the family party, on our way up, my wonderful car broke down. We had to get it towed and it's getting fixed today. It's the worst!! But, no complaints, we are all still alive and healthy and back to the Monday routine!

P.S. Josh's hair is growing back nicely!
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