Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Job!

I am super excited to announce that I got offered a teaching job! I will be the new health teacher at Hillcrest Junior High in Murray.

I couldn't be happier to start my career & everything has been working out perfectly for us. This particular teaching job was part time and with Beckett being so little I really wanted part time, which is hard to find in the teaching world. To my luck I got an interview & then got offered the job. I'll start this August for the 2011-12 school year. Until then i'll be enjoying my mommy-Beckett time at home :)

Beckett so far...

Beckett is just over 3 weeks old now. I can't believe it, he really has changed so much. His looks change daily and he is growing so fast. At his two week appointment he had already almost put on a pound (8 lbs 11 oz)...he loves eating....just like his mom & dad :) He is also very strong- when we lay him on his tummy he has been able to move his head from one side to the other since he was just over a week old.

This weekend we went to Orangeville & it was Beckett's first time. We enjoyed our time relaxing, visiting the cemetary, and having a family BBQ.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby Beckett is here!

Beckett Todd Sharp

Born: May 6th, 2011

Weight: 7 lbs 12 oz

Height: 19 1/2"

Our baby is finally here! I was quite nervous/anxious for the labor experience before hand but it went much better than expected. I woke up around 12:30 a.m. on the 6th with some pain....woke Josh up & we started timing the contractions. We decided they were real contractions because they weren't letting up and getting closer together. We got to the hospital around 5 a.m. & by about 6 a.m. they had admitted me....and got the epidural. The contractions had gotten super bad by the time we were at the hospital so I was more than happy for the epidural to kick in. I'll say it now & i'll say it again-epidurals were sent from heaven.

So here I am, getting an epidural & the nurse gives me a rough estimate that I should be ready to start pushing around noon. Nope, she came in at 8:30, checked me, said I was ready & that they'd call the doctor in. It was then I started getting freaked out-it was happening! I pushed for 15 minutes & baby Beckett was born at 9:02 a.m.! It was surreal and awesome to see him for the first time. Labor was not what I expected...mostly because it happened so quickly & because that epidural was so fantastic :)

We all came home from the hospital on Sunday, the 8th. Ever since then its been a definite learning experience. You don't know what to expect being first time parents so everyday is a new day. We're loving it & trying to get enough sleep to survive the days!
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