Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines Day

Oh the day of love....

The kids (mostly Beckett) had a ball. He picked out Ninja Turtle Valentines this year and had a great time at their school party.

The night before Valentines we had our own family par-tay. We had a heart-shaped pizza and cupid floats. This is our second year running and it's always been a big hit:)

On the actual day of Valentine's we woke up and gave each other our 'I Love You' gifts. My parents were so kind to watch Beck & Lo for us so we could go on a hot date. Josh had planned a fab date in Park City where we ate at the Riverhorse. Delish! He also surprised me (well he broke the news last week because he couldn't wait) with a trip to CANCUN! We are going a few days after he graduates and I can't wait. We deserve a good trip after these last 4 years of dental school.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Beckett's first ski day

Beckett rocked his first day skiing! My dad wanted to take him and teach him the ropes of skiing. Then Josh can have at him and teach him to snowboard :) I don't think any of us had super high expectations for the day, we just wanted Beck to have a good time.

The night before Beckett thought wearing the ski boots & skis was like the coolest thing ever. What a good sign! When we got to the resort, Beckett was not sure how to hold himself in his skis, he was kind of jiggly wiggly. My dad held him the first two runs and he was liking it. We took a break and had lunch, Beckett said he was done. I was kinda bummed but I persuaded him to take at least one more run. Well, well....that was all it took! After lunch he turned ski crazy. I think he did something like 7 runs after lunch.

All in all, I think it was a great first day. He liked it and had a good time and that's all that matters!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lo's One Year Photo Shoot

Lucky girl that Lo. She is photogenic. We got her pictures taken by our friend, Suzy Holman (Simply Suzy Photography). She did a fantastic job! I love that she captured Harlow in all her one year old glory. She is such a sweet, lively, busy girl! We took some family shots as well. Mr. Beckett was a bit of a pill but luckily we got a few good ones :)

Romeo, poor Romeo

Romeo got his hair cut this week. I thought we'd try something different so I told the groomer to give him the 'poodle' cut. After all, he is a poodle.

Bad decision. Sorry Romeo, I won't request that cut again.
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