Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Orangeville Christmas & Josh's 29th Birthday!

We always go to Orangeville after Christmas and are able to celebrate Josh's birthday while we're there. Beckett had an absolute blast with his cousins. I feel like I didn't even see him while we were there because he was so busy playing with everyone.

 One night we got a good game of Twister going. I snapped some awesome pictures of the action.

We had a nice, relaxing day on Josh's birthday. We went shooting and took the kids. It was Beckett's first time and I thought he would cry or get upset the first time he heard the gun go off. However, to my surprise, he loved it. I am pretty sure Josh was very happy knowing that his little boy will probably love hunting as much as he does. While shooting, B kept telling Josh, "Again! Again!"

Josh's mom made the dinner he requested that night....fried chicken. Family came over to celebrate (Josh shares his birthday with his nephew, Cannon, as well). We had a good time eating, opening presents, and eating cake!

Josh better live it up this year. It's his last year in the 20's!!

Christmas Eve & Christmas 2013

We have a lot of traditions this time of year and one that is fairly new is going to my parents house on Christmas Eve with the Stapley side of the fam. We have dinner, eat lots of sweets, and play games. It's always a lot of fun and Beckett loved playing with Rackham boys!

Christmas morning was a ton of fun this year. Beckett is old enough to understand how Christmas works and he has been more into specific toys as well. I couldn't wait to see his reaction. He was so cute Christmas morning. He walked out into the living room where Santa's toys were set up. He just kind of looked at them for a minute or so, not sure if they were really his. It didn't take much nudging for him to dive into his new toys. He played with each new toy for a couple of minutes and then would move on to the next. He wanted to open and play with every little thing. After we played with Santa's toys for a while we opened our family presents. He unwrapped about 4-5 presents before he was over that and just wanted to play. Josh & I had to unwrap the rest-Christmas morning is hard work for those 2-year olds.

After our Christmas morning at home we headed over to my parents house. We had a nice breakfast and then opened presents with them. Beckett got a big ol' tool play set that he loved & we got a nice new glider that we have wanted for baby girl.

Christmas night we had a big family dinner at my grandma & grandpa Petersen's house. It's safe to say we always eat WAY too much. The food is nummy nummy, my grandma can really put together a good dinner party. After dinner we opened presents with that side of the family. All in all, we had a fabulous day and got super spoiled!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Partying

We have been partying hard around here. There is so much you can do during the holidays and I think that's why I love it so much. We are busy bees around here and this month has been no exception.

This past weekend we were able to get together with a handful of Josh's football pals & roomates from Snow College (the best school ever). It had been a long time since we had seen most of them, so it was good to finally get together. All of our kids are around the same age which made it even more fun. They all had a good time playing with each other. Within a year or two our kids are going to out number us. That's how you know we're getting old! ;)

 Here are Adam & Josh wearing their prized white elephant gifts :)

Us ladies on my moms side had a girls night out to see The Nutcracker. We used to do it all the time growing up but then took a break. This was our first time seeing the show in quite a few years. It was fab! I have a lot more appreciation for the show they put together & the dancers than I did when I was young.

This weekend we officially started our Christmas break! Hallelujah! We kept busy making sugar cookies & gingerbread houses. Beckett has more fun eating the toppings, of course :)

Last, but not least, we had Beckett's Christmas program last week that his school put on. We have been anxiously awaiting to see it for weeks. It was Beckett's first program of any kind and we weren't sure how he would do. He came out on stage with his class, arms folded, and looking handsome. He did fabulous! They sang Christmas songs and each child has their own speaking part. Josh & I didn't even know what his speaking part was, the school keeps it on the down low. When it was Beckett's turn he spoke right into the microphone loud and clear and said his part. We were proud parents :)

Afterwards, the kids had the opportunity to see Santa. Clearly, Beckett still isn't into sitting on Santa's lap. Maybe next year!

Merry Christmas!
Love, The Sharps
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