Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall F-U-N

We have been SOAKING up the fall weather. It's definitely Josh's favorite time of year (hunting & football, hello!) and I love the cooler weather. We've been doing lots of things involving pumpkins. We spent a night at Cross E Ranch. We went through the corn maze, the kids played in the corn pit, and picked out some pumpkins. We went back to Cross E Ranch for Beckett's preschool field trip. We enjoyed it just as much the second time, plus we did the fun hay ride. Harlow loved that. If cows were involved you know she'll be a happy camper.

We also went to Wheeler Farm on Josh's day off. That's always a fun place to take the kids; especially right now while Harlow is in her animal loving stage.

Beckett and Harlow went to Lagoon this summer with my parents and hasn't stopped talking about it since! I promised him we would take him but summer got away from us. Instead, we went last weekend during Frightmares. It was such a blast. Beckett wasn't afraid of anything and it was a riot just watching him have the time of his life. Harlow was great on the little little kid rides but definitely got nervous on some bigger ones we took her on.

Last but not least, we went on a hike up to Cecret Lake near Alta Ski Resort. The drive up was gorgeous, the leaves are just starting to change. We took Bo along and he did great! The lake was pretty and it was fun to go on a family fall hike.

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