Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Harlow: 2 Month Update

Harlow turned 2 months crazy is that? She is growing a ton and getting some chub on those legs. This past month Harlow has been:

  • Making more noises, lots of 'cooing'
  • Smiling!
  • Wakes up 2 times a night (she has been consistent with that ever since she was born).
  • Likes to nibble on her bottles and take cat naps all day.
  • Holds her head up pretty good.
  • No rolling, she is content hanging out.
  • Likes to be swaddled.
  • Loves her swing (she usually prefers it to fall asleep).
  • Loves, loves, loves watching her big brother. Beckett likes to get really close to her face and talk to her. She is always mesmerized.
  • Is the BEST baby! The majority of the time she is content and happy. She hasn't really had any major crying fits or sleep problems. We sure do love her!
2 Month Stats
Height: 23.5" (88%)
Weight: 12 lbs (80%)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Harlow's Newborn Pictures

We got Harlow's newborn pictures back.....she is so precious! I can't believe how little and skinny she was.

We also got some great pictures of Beckett while we were there, these are him at 2 1/2 (he is getting WAY too big for this momma).

Sunday, March 2, 2014


This week was full of a few firsts. First time at the grocery store with 2 kiddos.

Stapley family ski first time away from baby Harlow for an extended period of time.

Harlow's first day at church.
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